Smiling Faces at the Ski Cooper SG Start
Ski Cooper Speed Start House
Copper Start
Charlie Hauser SL
Getting Ready at the Copper GS Start
Kevin, John, and Doug Ski Cooper DH
Chuck Tower GS
Piney Pavillion Start House
Winter Park GS Top
Lauren Ski Cooper DH
Ski Cooper Finish
Midwest Racer Ryan Fuller SG Start
Cheers to a Great Day of DH
Wolf Cup DH Podium
Thanks Teresa!
Happy Patty!
Chuck Tower GS Start
Thanks to those that make it happen!
Ladies Getting Ready for the Ski Cooper SL
Winter Park GS finish and base area
Ski Cooper Speed Series DH Winners
Ladies at the Ski Cooper DH Start
Copper SL
Copper Sl Start
Kevin and Lauren Ski Cooper
The New Piney Pavillion Start House at Ski Cooper
Winter Park GS Getting Ready
Jeanette, Mel, and Anne at the Start