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That's a wrap for the 2016-2017 Rocky Mountain Masters Ski Season! Whether you raced, volunteered, sponsored, coached, racer-chased, or followed online we are glad you came along for the ride. For those of you stuck at home or work this season, we hope you get to come out and play with us next season!

We ended the season with an action packed weekend at Ski Cooper. 

Saturday, April 1st was the 10th Annual Fuxi Super Combi where families and racers of all ages and abilities came out to compete and support the Cloud City Ski Club. 
 Sunday, April 2nd was The Colonel's Cup GS with a BBQ at the Han's House between runs and after party with free beer from Upslope Brewing while we handed out the Year End Age Class Event Medals.

We also unveiled our new RMM feather banners! 
At 15ft tall they won't be missed by people skiing by and on the lift who might wonder what event is happening! Thank you to Jennifer Kaufman for sponsoring the purchase of those!

Congrats to Team HWK taking 1st place in the Team Division for the 3rd year in a row!

Thanks to the Intermountain Masters and NAASF racers that joined us at Ski Cooper for the weekend!

The Colonel's Cup GS - a great turnout for the last RMM race of the season!!!





The 10th Annual Fuxitime Super Combi had record attendance with 107 racers from ages 5-81!!! Congratulations to all the competitors for a great day and a big thank you to Ski Cooper for putting on a great race! As Fuxi would say, it was PHENOMENAL!

Full 10th Annual Fuxi Super Combi Results

Check out the photos for the race and awards! 

SPECIAL DEAL - $40 for each racer to receive all their images!

  • Racers need to contact directly at to take advantage of this offer. (offer not available through the website)
  • The awards photos are unprotected and available for anyone to download at no charge.

Congratulations to the RMM racers who raced their way onto the podium:
1st Place Women Overall - Jeanette Saylor 
3rd Place Men Overall - Broc Thompson
2nd Place Family - Team Kaufman
The top 3 teams HWK(1st), NAASF1(2nd), and Ski Cooper(3rd) all had RMM members on them!


The final RMM race of the year was The Colonel's Cup GS with a great turnout, excellent course conditions, and a fun mid-race BBQ lunch at the Han's House. Thank you to Bill and Lisa Gooch for sponsoring the race day! Another big thanks to Jeff and Marge Maddex and the Ski Cooper race crew for so many great events this season. Full race results here.

Top 5 Women: 1st-Jeanette Saylor (W8), 2nd-Jennifer Kaufman (W5), 3rd-Tanya Muller (W4), 4th-Lauren Beckos (W2), 5th-Jennifer Ishum (W3)

Top 5 Men: 1st-Thunder Jalili (M5), 2nd-Franz Fuchsberger (M7), 3rd-Frank Mangold (M7), 4th-John Rice (M6), 5th-John Beckos (M3)

Welcome to the racers new to RMM: Calvin Baker (M8), Tim Patterson (M8), and Manuel Lirola (M6), and Nick Labue (M2).

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14 Apr 2017