RMM Racers at the 49 Degrees North Speed Series SG Races


Below is an excerpt from the 49 Degrees North Email Newsletter after the February 18-19 Phillips 66 National Speed Series SG Races. Congratulations to Charlie Hauser, Don Johnson, and Bill Tomcich for great results:

Charlie Hauser (M12): 1st both SG's
Don Johnson (M7): 3rd both SG's
Bill Tomcich (M5): 1st both SG's



Need For Speed!

The Masters Race was held this weekend at 49 Degrees North. Thanks to all of the athletes, fence and course builders, ski patrollers and judges that made this one of the finest races in recent history! We had a great turnout with racers showing up from Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Quite a few of whom were up chasing National Points for the Phillips 66 Speed Series! We saw some amazing finishers, including Charles Hauser from Colorado. At 82 years young he won his class and skied faster than most of the 65-69 year olds! This weekend also brought some amazing family groups. John Phillips, age 43, nailed down the fastest time of the weekend while his parents Jim and Carolyn, ages 76 and 77, were the fastest racers in their respective categories! Also of note Greg Knutson, age 53 and son Jack, age 21. Jack won his group and had the fastest time in two of the four races.

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22 Feb 2017